Within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global community agreed in 2015 on an agenda for tackling the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Research plays a key role in this process providing the basis to understand the complex processes and to develop new knowledge, technological, social and ecological innovations together with actors from politics, business and society. In order to fulfil its role, science must further develop and refine its research and transfer formats. Researchers are called upon not only to work together across disciplines, but also to overcome the boundary between science and practice.

The Leibniz Research Network "Knowledge for Sustainable Development" supports researchers in answering the associated theoretical to methodological questions. It bundles and networks relevant research competencies in the Leibniz Association and contributes to the effectiveness and visibility of research for sustainable development. To this end, the network organises synthesis workshops, international conferences and summer schools in cooperation with other Leibniz institutions and external partners from science and practice, as well as future dialogues with influential personalities from politics, business and society.