Every two years, an international conference is planned which, with a large number of participants and innovative formats in the sense of a dialogical understanding of transfer, promotes the exchange of sustainability sciences with social actors in an international context. This will also expand and permanently articulate a unique selling point of the Leibniz Association. The next international conference will take place on 5 and 6 May 2022 and will focus on "Missions for sustainability: New approaches for science and society".

Network Conference 2022 "Missions for sustainability: New approaches for science and society"

05 and 06 May 2022 at the Leibniz Association Head Office in Berlin.

Within its 9th Research Framework Programme Horizon Europe (2021-27), the European Commission has taken up important insights from the context of innovation research with the concept of the "mission". The mission approach aims to address major societal challenges through bold, inspiring objectives, and to direct a broad portfolio of inter- and transdisciplinary research activities towards their achievement within a fixed timeframe ( see Mazzucato 2018). Even though NASA's Apollo programme (1961-72) with its goal of a manned moon landing is often used as an analogy for illustration, the current focus is not on technology-centred national ambitions, but rather on global socio-ecological challenges such as climate catastrophe, biodiversity loss, food security or migration, as well as the related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Against this backdrop, the international conference of the network in May 2022 aims at a comprehensive reflection on the mission approach in the context of sustainability science. The focus will be on the future use and design of the approach for a more effective societal sustainability transformation, as well as on the prerequisites for this in the science system. This is an excellent opportunity, one year after the launch of Horizon Europe.