International conference "Missions for sustainability: New approaches for science and society". Marc Wolfram (IOER) introduced the conference topics and discussed the relevance of missions-oriented research and innovation for sustainability sciences.
Mission statements: Concise viewpoints regarding the challenges and limitations of mission-oriented research and innovation, as well as possible solutions.
Keynote (Dr. Lea Fünfschilling): Innovation and Sustainability – friends or foes?
Panel: Sustainability and path-dependency of mission-oriented R&I with Dr. Lea Fünfschilling (CIRCLE, Lund University), Prof. Dr. Rainer Walz (Frauenhofer Institute for Systems and Innovtion Research ISI), Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner (Chairman Commission of Experts: Research and Innovation), Dr. Dietrich Nelle (BMBF, Strategies and Policy Issues).
Keynote (Dr. Phillipe Larrue): Challenges and opportunities of mission-oriented policies to achieve Net Zero.
Panel: Complexity and multi-level implementations of mission-oriented R&I with Dr. Philippe Larrue (OECD), Neville Reeve (Missions, EU Commission), Roman Mendle (ICLEI Europe, Leiter für Smart Cities, Zirkuläre Wirtschaft und Klimaneutralität).